Today, the Internet is definitively rooted in the everyday of individuals and businesses: E-commerce is a major sales channel, content websites are the priority medias in terms of choice and information, new technologies are continuously developing to improve the consumer web experience.

As a genuine pole of digital resources dedicated to software Distribution, Eptimum associates its many skills to maximize current and future business opportunities .

Efficiency and change are at the very core of Eptimum’s DNA. Understanding new consumer modes and requirements, redesigning and optimizing the customer web experience, recommending new retail methods… Eptimum generates business models to enhance marketing and sales performance

Our story

Eptimum is the result of a synergy between specialists in e-marketing and distribution with over 10 years’ experience in their respective fields. Passionate about the digital world and conscious of the Internet’s huge business potential, they decided to merge their expertise and create a group with the unique ability of generating value on the web.

Combining technical expertise to provide solutions to match every technological advance and marketing know-how to create traffic and revenue, Eptimum has developed a complete panel of web services/businesses: e-commerce, digital publishing, e-services and more.

The Group anticipated the software industry’s evolution towards the web as early as 2007 and successfully launched its business model in this sector. Today, it has become a major player in software distribution in France and rest of Europe.